Threat Management: How to Be Prepared for Today’s—and Tomorrow’s—Advanced Threats

Webinar • September 13, 2017 • Duration: 34 minutes

Security threat management is an increasingly complex puzzle.

According to the 2017 Threat Monitoring, Detection and Response Report, 62% of IT security professionals say their biggest cybersecurity challenge is detecting advanced threats

Security threat management is an increasingly complex puzzle of people, processes and technology. How can your team overcome this challenge and stop cyber criminals in their tracks, not just today but also months and years from now?

In this educational webinar, Sr. Security Analyst Jason Iacono of ControlScan joins Holger Schulze of Cybersecurity Insiders to share the latest insights and trends in security threat management and advanced threat detection.

You'll learn now to:

  • Properly balance automation and human resources;
  • Address organizational barriers such as budgetary and staffing constraints;
  • Use threat intelligence to create an army of security-aware employees; and
  • Maximize technologies and processes to detect and mitigate threats in minutes, rather than days or even months.

Webinar Speakers


Holger Schulze

CEO & Founder
Cybersecurity Insiders

Jason Iacono

Senior Security Analyst

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