Managed SIEM Service

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Maximize the value of your LogRhythm SIEM investment.

Is your SIEM not delivering like you thought it would?

If properly used, a SIEM (security information and event management) solution is an extremely effective tool for identifying and stopping malicious activity in your business's IT network. A key challenge businesses face, however, is the skilled use of their SIEM tool. Even the best tools, in the hands of unskilled or unfocused personnel, may not perform optimally. Our security operations and compliance experts are here to help.

The ControlScan Managed SIEM approach empowers your employees to focus their attention on internal duties that are more aligned with their specific knowledge and expertise. Responsibilities such as these are more complicated to outsource, such as working on IT projects specific to your business and its customers.

"As a financial services firm, we place a high priority on protecting the sensitive data we work with. ControlScan gives us the ability to cover all our security bases, without having to sacrifice time spent on our core business activities. If a security event triggers an alert, our staff is immediately notified by ControlScan for follow up." — General Manager, Accounts Receivable, Inc.

Common SIEM Challenges

You've likely come to realize that a SIEM requires a continuous investment in time and training to deliver on your expectations. We've found that a key challenge many businesses face is the ongoing management use of their SIEM solution.

The ControlScan Managed SIEM service is a robust solution for companies struggling with challenges in managing their existing LogRhythm SIEM, like the following:


Free up your IT resources to focus on other operational items while truly optimizing the value of your SIEM investment.

Benefits of Managed SIEM Services by ControlScan

We know that one size doesn’t always fit all, so we partner with you to ensure we are providing the best solution for your business. Here are just a few of the key services that ControlScan provides as part of our Managed SIEM solution:

Planning and Onboarding

  • Collaborate to define your short- and long-term security and compliance objectives;
  • Join forces with you to define the most efficient ways to work with your existing teams and systems;
  • Assist you in uncovering gaps and challenges you are facing with managing your existing SIEM implementation; and
  • Make recommendations to determine the scope of any required changes or ongoing management.

Log Monitoring and Management

  • Provide ongoing management of your LogRhythm implementation;
  • Monitor and correlate log sources from your in-scope environment to uncover security or compliance anomalies, or events to investigate further;
  • Respond to security events and work with you to provide recommendations on addressing and resolving alarm conditions, which can include the activities below.
    • Making resource changes within the network
    • Isolating users or machines
    • Providing routine reporting on environmental health

Ongoing Enhancement

  • Tune existing correlation rules to reduce the volume of non-critical events (false positives, informational messages, etc.);
  • Author new correlation rules based on business need or emerging threats; and
  • Develop custom reports deliverables.

Why Choose ControlScan as your Managed SIEM Service Provider?

The ControlScan Managed SIEM service will quickly expand your IT staff with a team of experts whose sole focus is security and compliance. Our unified approach to security and compliance means you can rest assured that management of your LogRhythm SIEM technology will be implemented to simultaneously support your security posture and compliance objectives, from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to HIPAA-HITECH.

ControlScan partners with cutting-edge technology companies, like LogRhythm, Cisco Meraki, Tripwire, Incapsula, Saint and others to provide top-notch security technology wrapped in our award winning support and services. This collaborative approach allows us to be agile in offering new, best-of-breed solutions that address the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

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