Secure my Website

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Whether you’re generating e-commerce revenue, providing your customers with information and self-service, or simply telling the world who you are and what you do—your website is critical to your organization. It’s also under attack. Your website is an access point to hackers, and one that’s difficult to secure unless you have security experts on staff that are inspecting every change you make.

ControlScan Managed Security Services protect small and mid-sized businesses and organizations from attacks by hackers intent on exploiting your online assets to access some of your most valuable assets like customer data, payment data and health care information. At the same time, ControlScan’s approach to Unified Security + Compliance ensures that your investment in security will also maximize your compliance with relevant standards like PCI and HIPAA.

Hosted Payment Service

What’s the easiest way to prevent attackers from accessing payment information stored in your website infrastructure? Don’t store it there to begin with! The ControlScan Hosted Payment Service provides payment forms and pages that are easily integrated into your website. When customers enter their payment data, it’s routed directly to our PCI-compliant infrastructure and on to your payment processor.