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Improve your security posture and protect your business.

Mismanaged firewalls continue to be one of the easiest ways for attackers to enter your network and wreak havoc. It’s critical that network firewalls be properly managed, maintained and monitored, but do you have an IT resource with the necessary specialized skills AND the bandwidth to keep rules and configurations up to date while managing and protecting your network?

Assembling this combination of capabilities would normally be both cost prohibitive and time consuming. Now you can subscribe to it as a service with the full confidence that ControlScan's team of security experts will maintain and monitor your firewall on a continuous basis.

The ControlScan UTM Firewall Service covers all your bases, from hardware to service management. We take the headache out of maintaining your crucial first line of defense against malicious threats with our next generation Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall Service.

Benefits of the ControlScan UTM Firewall Service

Our UTM Firewall Service improves the overall security posture of your business by providing continuous monitoring and protection against outside threats. Simply by subscribing to the service, you add a solution and support team that:

  • Ensures firewalls are implemented for maximum security as well as straight-forward compliance with standards like PCI;
  • Updates and upgrades firewall firmware and threat definitions to protect against the latest threats;
  • Remotely monitors all firewalls for alerts and unexpected events;
  • Maintains firewall rules to keep pace with changes in your network, in a compliant manner;
  • Delivers analysis on what’s happening in your network and whether you should be worried;
  • Provides a full lifetime hardware warranty with next-day advanced replacement, for equipment provided by ControlScan; and
  • Offers connectivity monitoring, historical usage and appliance stats, change management logs, VPN tunnel and latency monitoring, and more to provide real-time visibility into your business's state of security


Mismanaged Firewalls continue to be one of the easiest ways for attackers to enter your network and wreak havoc. It’s critical that network firewalls are properly managed, maintained and monitored.

Features of the ControlScan UTM Firewall Service

The ControlScan UTM Firewall service allows for easy deployment of additional cloud-based security layers for even stronger protection than just a firewall alone. The added capabilities of UTM include:

  • WAN optimization, to minimize traffic latency and reduce the amount of traffic between sites;
  • Anti-virus/phishing, to detect and block malware, Trojan horses and phishing attacks;
  • IDS/IPS, to alert of and prevent suspicious network traffic;
  • VPN, to ensure secure, encrypted traffic between locations;
  • Geographical IP filtering and connectivity management;
  • Web caching, to accelerate internal and external access to your organization's web content;
  • Content filtering, to filter URLs using a locally downloaded database ("top sites") or a full hosted database ("full list");
  • Web-safe search, to enforce SafeSearch for Google, Yahoo! and Bing across all network users;
  • Blocking encrypted search, to prevent users from circumventing web-safe search filtering; and
  • Network segmentation, with biannual audits to confirm appropriate configuration.

To learn more about the critical IT challenges a managed UTM Firewall Service can help solve, view our data sheet:

An MSSP that’s got your back.

ControlScan is a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). We specialize in delivering the technical expertise and security know-how required to keep your business secure. We offer custom solutions and additional features, including wireless access points and 3G/4G failover service, to accommodate the unique needs of your business size and industry.

As your MSSP partner, we alleviate the administrative burden resulting from the ongoing management of a UTM firewall device and work to ensure the security of your network. The Managed Security Service benefits of the ControlScan UTM Firewall include:

  • Decreased network management costs;
  • Ongoing monitoring and real-time response to alerts and threats;
  • Reduced risk of malware exposure to critical systems;
  • Limited transaction loss through up-time monitoring and fail-over internet connections; and
  • Reduced scope of compliance by isolating critical systems within the managed network.


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