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Your website needs increased security.

Whether you're selling goods and services through e-commerce, providing your customers with information and self-service or simply telling the world who you are and what you do—your website and web applications are increasingly critical to your organization. Unfortunately, they’re also under constant attack. At any given time, over one million websites are actively breached worldwide. A staggering number, made possible by the challenges in eliminating vulnerabilities from websites and the ease with which hackers discover them. Vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting and SQL injection have been plaguing the Internet for decades but are still prevalent and remain undetected by typical website hosting providers.

Offering the best-of-breed security to the world's most security-conscious businesses.

Web Security Services (WSS) from ControlScan provide the peace of mind that your website is available and secure while delivering an optimal user experience to your customers. Delivered in partnership with Incapsula, WSS follows web security best practices and offers the right selection of web security and performance services needed by small and mid-sized businesses.

Protect your website with a powerful combination of products.


Web Application Firewall.

A true firewall for your website.

If your website houses sensitive customer data of any kind, you need a web application firewall. A ControlScan Web Application Firewall (WAF) is very different from the network firewall that is in place at your hosting provider and within your own network. ControlScan’s cloud-based, PCI-certified Web Application Firewall is enhanced with backdoor protection, bot access control and the intelligence to analyze and classify all incoming traffic to your site, preventing access to malicious and unwanted visitors.

As a result, automated and malicious traffic is detected and blocked when it comes from dubious origins such as malicious scanners, spam bots, and content scrapers. In addition, you’re protected against the vulnerabilities that hackers love to exploit most: SQL injection, cross-site scripting and the rest of the OWASP Top 10 Threats.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection.

Thwart attacks as they happen.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have re-emerged as a key method for exposing website weaknesses or even toppling them over in order to access the sensitive data within. The ControlScan DDoS Protection service keeps your online business up and running at high performance even under a DDoS attack, avoiding financial losses and reputational damage. DDoS attacks—including network, protocol and application-level attacks—are mitigated transparently while your site visitors go about their business.

ControlScan DDoS Protection automatically detects and blocks a variety of attack types including those at the network, protocol and application layers. It also handles the largest attacks, including Layer 3 and 4 volumetric attacks. Even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks—such as Layer 7 application-level attacks—are stopped while your human visitors pass through easily.

Content Distribution Network.

Stay secure while giving users a great experience.

The same Web Security Service that’s protecting your web applications also speeds them up! A globally distributed network of data centers accelerates your website through intelligent caching and content optimization. The network caches website content so that it can be served up to authorized users quickly and efficiently. Your users will love the improved site performance, and you'll love the more efficient use of bandwidth.

The ControlScan Content Distribution Network service is application-aware, ensuring page freshness while significantly reducing the load on your servers and the use of bandwidth at your hosting provider.

ControlScan makes it easy to start protecting your online sites—and their visitors—today. There are no costly up-front investments in hardware, software or consulting. We'll help you activate ControlScan Web Security Services through a simple DNS (domain name service) change that can often be done within one business day. Web traffic is then routed through a profiling network where it is analyzed in real-time and web threats are blocked.

Web Security Services are ideal for nearly any website or web application—particularly those that house sensitive data from visitors like payment information, patient information, end user credentials and contact information.

WSS also allows you to focus on your business knowing that your online world is protected by a Level 1 PCI-certified solution, anchored by a global network of PCI-certified data centers and supported by a dedicated team with full PCI credentials and deep security expertise. At the same time, you'll meet relevant compliance requirements within mandates like PCI and HIPAA-HITECH more easily.

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