SMB Payment Security In 2019

Webinar • February 28, 2019 • Duration: 55 minutes

SMB Payment Security in 2019: What New Merchant Survey Data Tells Us About the Road Ahead

ControlScan and the Merchant Acquirers Committee (MAC) partnered to conduct a new SMB payment security survey, measuring merchants’ understanding of their cybersecurity risk, as well as how they view and respond to their PCI compliance obligations. More than 6500 small and mid-sized businesses completed this survey!

Join Chris Bucolo and Stacey Holleran from ControlScan as they walk through findings of note from the 2019 ControlScan/MAC SMB Payment Security Survey:

  • SMBs' biggest misunderstandings about how data breaches occur;
  • What SMBs are—and aren't—doing to protect their businesses from cybercrime; and
  • The latest measurements of merchant attitudes concerning PCI compliance.

Chris also provides his expert advice on how to leverage this information as part of your business's strategy to mitigate risk, enhance compliance and solidify relationships.

Webinar Speakers

Chris BucoloStacey Holleran

Chris Bucolo

VP, Market Strategy

Stacey Holleran

Director, Corp. Communications

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