Social Engineering: Hacking into the Human Mind

Learn how social engineering manipulates your unsuspecting employees.

Webinar • July 7, 2015 • Duration: 33 Minutes

Learn how cybercriminals hack into the human psyche.

Download this webinar to learn more about social engineering.

In an age where new and ever-changing security threats have become daily news, the technology behind cybercrime grows increasingly more advanced and the likelihood of an attack only continues to multiply.

By continually developing clever and deceitful tactics, sophisticated cybercriminals have harnessed their skills to hack into something far more complex than your virtual environment — the human psyche.

Watch this webinar to learn how cybercriminals use social engineering to manipulate your unsuspecting employees into divulging sensitive company information.

During this webinar, our security experts:

  • Discuss the various types of attack scenarios.
  • Uncover the methods and means used by social engineers.
  • Explain how to identify your weak points and areas of risk.
  • Review how to test your employees' understanding of policies.
  • Reveal strategies for avoiding psychological manipulation.


Webinar Speakers

Olivia Rose Jenkins
Director, Security Consulting

Dante LoScalzo
Sr. Manager, Security Consulting

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