Five Critical IT Challenges You Can Solve Today

Webinar • October 28, 2014 • Duration: 56 Minutes

The impact of a data breach could be catastrophic to your brand.

Stay one step ahead of cybercrime.

As more and more businesses fall victim to cyber attacks, the risks to distributed enterprises and franchise organizations present unique challenges. The impact of even a limited security breach could be catastrophic to your brand.

Promoting security and compliance across a distributed enterprise is already complex, but in light of the new PCI 3.0 requirements, the challenge is about to increase.

The good news is, there are viable solutions that can simplify compliance while reinforcing the security posture of your organization.

During this webinar, our security and compliance experts:

  • Discuss how to reinforce the security posture of your multi-location organization;
  • Review how to overcome the hurdles presented by PCI 3.0 compliance;
  • Provide guidance on how to manage a more secure enterprise across a distributed enterprise;
  • Explore the viable solutions for simplifying compliance.


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