2020 TAG Information Security and Cybersecurity Ecosystem Report

A detailed look at the cybersecurity and infosec companies that call Georgia home.

January 2, 2020

White Paper

2020 State of Georgia's Information Security and Cybersecurity Ecosystem

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The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) “Where Georgia Leads” program identifies the information security (InfoSec) community as one the leading contributors to Georgia’s broader economy and puts Georgia at the forefront of the national conversation around technology. InfoSec is responsible for thousands of jobs in Georgia and is a catalyst for the robust, technology-focused startup community we are privileged to have in Georgia.

Whether in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah or many other cities in Georgia, InfoSec leads the way.

Many people in the Georgia InfoSec community—including executives at ControlScan—contributed to this report, and our desire is for it to be reflective of the broad spectrum of people, companies and entities that make up this community:

TAG Information Security and Cybersecurity Ecosystem Report - ControlScan
  • How Georgia's cybersecurity ecosystem contributes to fighting breaches and cyber crime;
  • The InfoSec products and solutions/services companies that call Georgia home;
  • Drivers and trends in the Georgia InfoSec and cybersecurity ecosystem; and
  • InfoSec company statistics for the state of Georgia.

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Information Security and Cybersecurity Ecosystem Report

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