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January 30, 2020Published by

It’s 2020, and that means the deadline for the Visa and Mastercard EMV liability shift for the petroleum market is now imminent. But before you say, “Well, I’ve heard that one before,” and go about your business as a fuel retailer, it’s important to understand that this deadline appears to be sticking.


January 7, 2016Published by

For many the New Year represents a fresh start, but when it comes to information security, 2016 is expected to be more of an evolution than a revolution. Nowhere is this more true than in the payments space, which continues to grapple with cybercrime and fraud in the midst of technology innovation.


July 1, 2015Published by

You may have heard that EMV is a safer technology, which is why the banks and card brands want you to use it. So why would I say that EMV is not a security technology?


April 17, 2015Published by

Earlier this year, information began to filter out to SMBs regarding America’s shift to EMV payment technology. Unfortunately, you may have found these communications left you with more questions than answers. While it may be confusing, your business’s shift to EMV is essential to its long-term success.

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