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May 17, 2020Published by

It struck me recently that there are interesting parallels for a business trying to deal with all the shots coming out of COVID-19, both early on and over time. They were fast and furious at the beginning; I am sure we all agree. But what does the small business threat landscape look like now?



January 20, 2020Published by

While many associate Georgia with innovation and expansion in the payments space—more than 70% of America’s payment transactions are processed by companies in Atlanta and around Georgia—the Georgia information security landscape is also a boon for the state’s economy. In its new industry report, “2020 State of Georgia’s Information Security and Cybersecurity Ecosystem,” the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) lists more than 75 InfoSec products and services companies that call Georgia home. Together, these companies and others like them generate over $1.4 billion in annual revenue and employ more than 6,700 network and computer system engineers alone.

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