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November 17, 2014Published by

Users of Apple’s iOS (smartphone and tablets) and OS X (Macs) devices have traditionally thought of themselves as being fairly immune from viruses, Trojans and other infections and attacks. The past week’s flurry of articles on WireLurker (and the related Masque attack) called that assumption into question for many, however.


October 27, 2014Published by

ControlScan recently released a new report detailing its latest research findings on mobile technology adoption among SMBs. The report, Mobile at the Point of Sale: How SMBs are Adopting Mobile Devices to Accept Card-Present Payments, is based on input from more than 6,000 US-based SMBs responding to the company’s 2014 Mobile Payment Acceptance Survey.


October 26, 2014Published by

Have you been told your business needs to comply with certain information privacy and/or security standards, such as PCI, HIPAA, etc.? If so, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed with all the requirements for bringing people, processes and technology into “compliance.” As an SMB, is it really possible to adhere to a compliance standard and at the same time, actively run and grow a business?


October 22, 2014Published by

The small- to medium-sized business owners I talk with are often surprised to learn that ControlScan hears from everyday consumers on a regular basis. The questions we are asked share a common theme: I’m worried that this business is not properly securing my personal information.

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