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October 2, 2018Published by

There’s a lot of buzz in the marketplace these days around SIEM, which is Security Information and Event Management. I’ve had people tell me that their SIEM technology isn’t of much use, and others tell me that it’s critical to their business’s everyday security posture. The vast difference between those two is usually the same thing, which is how the related tools are deployed, and what the staff around them looks like.In a mature security posture, SIEM is only one component of a much broader acronym. While we do employ SIEM for many of our customers, it’s actually a small piece of a term called Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Our team of security analysts provides these real-time MDR services to our customers. But, little known to most, they actually provide MDR for our own organization as well. We call it “eating our own dogfood.”

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