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March 31, 2017Published by

Historically speaking, tax season is prime for tax-themed scams and social engineering attacks. Specifically, the number of W-2 phishing scams have peaked recently. Attackers and social engineers begin by targeting finance and HR departments with spear phishing emails that spoof C-level executives and request employee W-2 forms.


May 12, 2016Published by

Internet connectivity drives the way today’s businesses operate. From communicating via email, to processing electronic payment transactions, to managing employee payrolls, nearly everything we do touches the Internet in some way. Unfortunately, the same technology that serves as our business backbone also empowers criminal activity.


November 25, 2015Published by

Social engineers play to people’s wants and needs, focusing on the mental triggers that can make a person do something. Learn what you can do to combat it.


October 23, 2015Published by

Phishing remains a top organizational security vulnerability because it involves the exploitation of human weakness. If you have humans at your workplace—and we all do!—then you are at risk.

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