Understanding Visa’s New QIR and L4 Validation Requirements

Review key components of the Visa programs.

Webinar • March 7, 2016 • Duration: 57 Minutes

Do you need to adjust your L4 PCI compliance program?

Learn more about the implications of Visa’s recent announcements for Acquirers and ISOs.

Visa’s October bulletin and subsequent updates have left some ISOs and Acquirers asking, what do we need to do?

During this webinar, our resident compliance expert, Dave Abouchar, will summarize the key components of the Visa programs and provide insights and answers to frequently asked questions.

This webinar will include:

  • Descriptions of Visa’s QIR and TIP programs, and L4 validation requirement
  • A review of the factors driving these requirements
  • Potential implications and deadlines for action
  • Frequently asked questions

Webinar Speaker

David Abouchar

Cathryn Matarazzo

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