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Risk and Revenue: Second Annual Survey of the Acquirer's Perspective on Level 4 Merchant PCI Compliance

Risk and RevenueAcquirers' PCI compliance programs are an important part of their overall business equation because they impact the relationships they have with their merchants, and because they reduce business risk that can affect their bottom line. As they establish the goals and strategies that will move their business forward, acquirers must take an introspective look at the components driving their Level 4 merchant PCI compliance program.

The ControlScan and Merchant Acquirers' Committee (MAC) second annual survey of merchant acquirers revealed several important trends, the most notable being that acquirers' PCI program goals have shifted from risk mitigation to revenue generation. This and other findings from the annual survey provide valuable insights into the acquirer's role as a payments industry stakeholder.

Download this free research report for an in-depth review of the survey results as well as the action steps ISOs and acquirers can take to successfully engage their Level 4 merchants in the PCI compliance process.

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