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Small Merchants and Mobile Payments: A Pulse Check on Technology Awareness and Adoption

WhitepaperThe rise in mobile device use, combined with an increasing number of mobile payment technology offerings, is disrupting "business as usual" for small merchants. Those who have relied on a credit card machine for card-present payments and a standard website for online consumers are now faced with a rapidly growing customer base that utilizes smartphones to make online purchases as well as comparison shop from in-store locations.

ControlScan and TransFirst partnered to survey Level 4 merchants regarding their awareness and adoption of mobile payment technologies in multiple business scenarios. More than 730 merchants responded to the inaugural Mobile Payment Acceptance Survey, providing a revealing look into current technology preferences and gaps as well as perceived customer demand for mobile payment options.

Download this free research report for a detailed analysis of the Mobile Payment Acceptance Survey responses, including key findings, commentary and recommendations.

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